Energy Healing and Soul Retrieval


When you suffer a trauma, grief or an accident in your life then vital energy can be lost that may throw your body out of balance.

Soul loss can be a reaction to trauma. When a piece of your soul has been split off, it may create:
* Depression and anxiety                      * Feeling overwhelmed
* Lack of confidence                               * Life blockages
* Unwanted recurring thoughts      * Illnesses
* Chronic fatigue                                     * A general feeling of emptiness
* Inability to experience love           * A sense that something is missing

Soul retrieval consists of an energy worker helping you to bring back your energy and equilibrium, by bridging the invisible world, bringing healing into the physical world.

This can help you recover from:
* Old emotional wounds                     * Early life trauma
* Limiting beliefs                                     * Ancestral patterns
* Self limiting beliefs                              * Traumatic past lives
You will experience:
* Renewed energy                                  * Confidence and vitality
* Living fully in the present               * Health and wellbeing
* Empowerment and passion            * Clarity and wisdom

Energy healing will assist you to heal ‘the heart of the matter’ and help you feel whole and connected to your ‘higher self’

Energy Healing and Soul Retrieval sessions available:

  • Tuesday daytime
  • Wednesday daytime
  • Thursday daytime
  • Friday daytime
  • Saturday daytime