Based on the principle of re-balancing energy to support the bodys’ own self healing and regulatory systems, acupuncture can produce marked changes in physical and mental well-being. Acupuncture is probably best known for relieving pain, in fact, it can be used to treat almost any condition, chronic or acute.

Stephanie Miller is one of our resident acupuncturists, she has a special interest in Fertility, with many successes….with a final 4 week treatment to get the body ready for an effective labour.

Claire Truss is our other acupuncturist, she also specializes in fertility and pain management.
Claire is also a naturopath, and will sometimes include this within her treatments.




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Acupuncture sessions available:

  • Thursday daytime
  • Thursday evening
  • Friday daytime
  • Saturday daytime
  • Tuesday daytime
  • Wednesday daytime